KATA: All Divisions

  • May perform any kata.
  • Tiebreaker kata, if necessary, must be a different kata. Only beginner division may be the same kata for tiebreaker.

KUMITE: WKF Rules with the following modifications:

  1. The duration of kumite bouts for all categories is one minute thirty seconds (1:30).  8-point ceiling (first to acquire 8 points wins).
  2. Techniques to the CHUDAN area may be delivered with controlled impact without causing injury to the opponent. A loss of breath by the recipient of a blow does not in itself indicate lack of control.
  3. Techniques to the JODAN can score when stopped within 5 cm of the target for kicks and 2 cm for hand techniques but may be delivered with light touch (skin touch), without causing impact – with exception to the throat area where no physical contact is allowed. 
  4. For Cadets under 14 years and children, techniques to the JODAN can score when stopped within 10 cm of the target for kicks and 5 cm for hand techniques. 
  5. “Skin touch” is allowed in categories for Competitors 16 years or older (Juniors). For categories 14 to 16 years of age skin touch is allowed for kicks only. Skin touch is defined as touching the target without transferring energy into the head or body. For Competitors under 14 years no skin touch is allowed with Jodan techniques. 
  6. Attacks are limited (controlled) to the following areas: Head, Face, Neck, Abdomen, Chest, Back &Side

KOBUDO: All Divisions

All weapons will be subject to inspection by judges before competition. Modified weapons or weapons that do not meet tournament criteria may not be used in competition. 6 ft. Bo must weigh at least 900 grams. (NO toothpick Bo’s)

Weapons must remain in the competitor’s hands at all times. Loss of control will result in disqualification.


Solid white uniform (recommended) or any martial arts uniform.

Protective Equipment: Although approved red and blue fist pads are required, competitors may use any Karate-approved shin pads and instep protectors. 

Complete WKF Rules



ippon wazaari yuko


Event Venue

Wayne-Westland Salvation Army
Gym (West Side Entrance)
2300 S. Venoy Rd.
Westland, MI 48186

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