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Thank You - Silverado Cup Staff, Officials, Volunteers and Participants!

We know that we actually do live in time of uncertainty, then we ought to admit it; it is of great value to realize that we do not know the answers to different questions. but, we are ready to confront any situation that is presented. This attitude of mind - this attitude of uncertainty - is vital to the MARTIAL ARTIST and it is this attitude of mind which the student must acquire first!

To all… 

It has been a full month since the 2020 Silverado Cup event completed, I can’t help but be so thankful to our great members of the Dojo, Senseis of participants Dojos, parents and competitors for making this year’s event arguably the most of our events during these difficult and uncertain times.

Certainly there are things we can improve, and we are committed to making the necessary changes and adjustments with the goal of developing our Silverado Cup Event (The USA National Karatedo Championships) into one of the best tournaments in the USA.

I wish I could thank all of you personally, but unfortunately that isn’t practically possible. Instead, I wanted to take this opportunity to pass along a big THANK YOU to everyone that made the 2020 Silverado Cup such a special experience:

To the parents, coaches and participants. Congratulations to everyone that participated…you are all champions!

To our volunteers. An event would not have been possible without your selfless commitment to our Karate and the event. You worked tirelessly to coordinate all of the “little things” that are so important to making sure our participants have a great tournament experience.

To our officials. Officiating at an event in this uncertainty times can be daunting as we navigated the complexities of scheduling events and tables, but you were patient and cooperative, working with tournament operations staff and players to provide the best possible experience.

To our photographer. You met the challenges of taking top quality pictures of the event. Picture of the event can be found here: https://photosbygrantm.photoreflect.com/store/Photos.aspx?e=10553380

One last “special” THANK YOU needs to go to Andy Barylski and the Wayne-Westland Salvation Army without whom the event not have been possible. They let us use their Gym for the event after having a cancellation of the gym at the Garden City, hours prior our event.

Most of all, I would like to thank all of you for allowing me the opportunity to have conducted the 2020 Silveraddo Cup as scheduled

NOTE: I would like to note that the registrations were final and all the participants that were not able to come to the venue are automatically qualified to the 2020 USA Karate Nationals.


Oscar Silvera
Tournament Organizer

SC Organizers

  • Oscar Silvera
  • Rosa Silvera


  • Alex Miladi
  • Monique Fields
  • Jeff Bedard
  • Sam Hargis
  • Mauricio Lopez
  • Tony Valvona
  • Dan Priohoanca
  • Mat Broadhead
  • Karen Villegas



  • Leslie Cooper
  • Fraser Wylie
  • Anna Soustina
  • Diana Escamilla
  • Jacob Gibbons
  • Kevin Johnston
  • Lori Bradshaw 
  • Arthur Bradshaw 
  • Garvis Long
  • Anthony Hodgins
  • Rosebelle Silvera
  • Leonardo Silvera



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