1. A score is awarded to a Competitor when two or more judges indicate a score.
  2. Points are scored by a traditional karate technique with the hand or foot executed with control to the scoring area.
  3. Only the first correctly executed technique of an exchange will score with the exception of an effective combination of techniques in which case the highest scoring technique will count regardless of the sequence of techniques in the combination. 
  4. The scoring areas are the body above the pelvis, up to and including the collarbone (CHUDAN), excluding the shoulders themselves, and the area above the collarbone (JODAN).
  5. In order to be considered a score the technique must have the potential to be effective if it had not been controlled, and must also fill the criteria of:
    1. Good form (Properly executed technique).
    2. Sporting attitude (Delivered without intent to cause injury).
    3. Vigorous application (Delivery with speed and power).
    4. Maintaining awareness of the opponent both during and after execution of the technique (Not turning away or falling down after completing a technique – unless the fall is caused
      by a foul by the opponent). 
    5. Good timing (Delivery of the technique at the correct moment). 
    6. Correct distance (Delivery at a distance where the technique would be effective). 
  6. The following scale is used for awarding of points:
    • YUKO (1 point) is awarded for Tsuki (straight punch) or Uchi (strike) to a scoring area.
    • WAZA-ARI (2 points) is awarded for CHUDAN kicks.
    • IPPON (3 points) is awarded for JODAN kicks or any techniques against an opponent whose any part of the body other than the feet is in contact with the mat with exception of Hiza-Gamae (One knee touching the mat while executing a technique). 
  7. Techniques to the CHUDAN area may be delivered with controlled impact without causing injury to the opponent. A loss of breath by the recipient of a blow does not in itself indicate lack of control.
  8. Techniques to the JODAN can score when stopped within 5 cm of the target for kicks and 2 cm for hand techniques but may be delivered with light touch (skin touch), without causing impact – with exception to the throat area where no physical contact is allowed. 
  9. For Cadets under 14 years and children, techniques to the JODAN can score when stopped within 10 cm of the target for kicks and 5 cm for hand techniques. 
  10. “Skin touch” is allowed in categories for Competitors 16 years or older (Juniors). For categories 14 to 16 years of age skin touch is allowed for kicks only. Skin touch is defined as touching the target without transferring energy into the head or body. For Competitors under 14 years no skin touch is allowed with Jodan techniques. 
  11. Correctly executed techniques landed at the moment the time runs out are valid. When using electronic judging, points must be signalled within 2 seconds of time expiring.
  12. A technique is invalid if:
    a) Executed after the time-up signal or the Referee calling “YAME”.
    b) Executed upon or after “WAKARETE” before “TSUZUKETE” has been called.
    c) Executed when the performer is outside the competition area (JOGAI).
    d) Followed by a foul – with the exception of JOGAI.
    e) One turns one’s back to the opponent after a technique (lack of awareness).
    f) It in itself is, or follows, a violation of the rules (such as excessive contact, holding,
    grabbing etc.). 
  13. A point may be signalled even if the Judge cannot see the actual point of impact if the technique itself is executed correctly and can be observed to obviously not have been obstructed in reaching its target.

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