We expect some of the Karate Clubs in the Detroit area will be participating in this event. More than 100 athletes are expected to join and participate in this tournament event.

It is our honor to forward this proposal to you for sponsorship of this event. We are offering the following packages for your consideration:

Major Sponsor: $ 200.00

Post (1) banner/streamer at the venue, size shall not exceed
3x6 feet. Provide your own banner;
Whole page advertisement space in the souvenir program;

Minor Sponsor: $ 100.00 Whole page advertisement space in the souvenir program;
Co-Sponsor: $ 50.00 Half (1/2) page advertisement space in the souvenir program;
Major Donor: $ 25.00 Quarter (1/4) page acknowledgement space in the souvenir program;
Minor Donor: $ 15.00 Business Card size space advertisement or acknowledgment in the souvenir program;

Money from this Advertisement-Souvenir Program will be used to sponsor our students who cannot afford to attend this event and to offset expenses running this tournament.

Deadline for payment and submission of ad details shall be on March 15th, 2018.

Please download the Sponsorship Letter here 

Thank you very much. 

Tournament Director


March 13-14, 2020

Event for the following Ages:

Child(ren) 7 & younger  
Child(ren) 8-9
Child(ren) 10-11 
Junior Cadet 12-13  
Cadet 14-15  
Junior 16-17  
Senior (Female) 18+ 
Senior (Male) 18+
Masters (Female) 35+  
Masters (Male) 35+

Levels of training:

Beginners (1 year and under of training)
Novice (1-2 years of training)
Intermediate (2-4 years of training)
Advanced (4 & more years of training

Schedule of Activities​

Hotel Information​

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​​Garden City Middle School