Thank You - Silverado Cup Staff, Officials, Volunteers and Participants!

We know that we actually do live in time of uncertainty, then we ought to admit it; it is of great value to realize that we do not know the answers to different questions. but, we are ready to confront any situation that is presented. This attitude of mind - this attitude of uncertainty - is vital to the MARTIAL ARTIST and it is this attitude of mind which the student must acquire first!

To all… 

It has been a full month since the 2020 Silverado Cup event completed, I can’t help but be so thankful to our great members of the Dojo, Senseis of participants Dojos, parents and competitors for making this year’s event arguably the most of our events during these difficult and uncertain times.

Certainly there are things we can improve, and we are committed to making the necessary changes and adjustments with the goal of developing our Silverado Cup Event (The USA National Karatedo Championships) into one of the best tournaments in the USA.

I wish I could thank all of you personally, but unfortunately that isn’t practically possible. Instead, I wanted to take this opportunity to pass along a big THANK YOU to everyone that made the 2020 Silverado Cup such a special experience:

To the parents, coaches and participants. Congratulations to everyone that participated…you are all champions!

To our volunteers. An event would not have been possible without your selfless commitment to our Karate and the event. You worked tirelessly to coordinate all of the “little things” that are so important to making sure our participants have a great tournament experience.

To our officials. Officiating at an event in this uncertainty times can be daunting as we navigated the complexities of scheduling events and tables, but you were patient and cooperative, working with tournament operations staff and players to provide the best possible experience.

To our photographer. You met the challenges of taking top quality pictures of the event. Picture of the event can be found here:

One last “special” THANK YOU needs to go to Andy Barylski and the Wayne-Westland Salvation Army without whom the event not have been possible. They let us use their Gym for the event after having a cancellation of the gym at the Garden City, hours prior our event.

Most of all, I would like to thank all of you for allowing me the opportunity to have conducted the 2020 Silveraddo Cup as scheduled

NOTE: I would like to note that the registrations were final and all the participants that were not able to come to the venue are automatically qualified to the 2020 USA Karate Nationals.


Oscar Silvera
Tournament Organizer

SC Organizers

  • Oscar Silvera
  • Rosa Silvera


  • Alex Miladi
  • Monique Fields
  • Jeff Bedard
  • Sam Hargis
  • Mauricio Lopez
  • Tony Valvona
  • Dan Priohoanca
  • Mat Broadhead
  • Karen Villegas



  • Leslie Cooper
  • Fraser Wylie
  • Anna Soustina
  • Diana Escamilla
  • Jacob Gibbons
  • Kevin Johnston
  • Lori Bradshaw 
  • Arthur Bradshaw 
  • Garvis Long
  • Anthony Hodgins
  • Rosebelle Silvera
  • Leonardo Silvera




Frequently Ask Questions
Does a competitor need a USA Karate membership in order to compete at the Silverado Cup?

  • No, a competitor won't require to be member of the USA Karate or wear a USA Karate patch in order to compete.

I just saw on the registration forms (on-line, PDF or JPG) that is asking for USA Karate member #, can we just leave it blank?

  • Yes. please.

If a competitor qualifies at the Silverado Cup for the USA Karate Nationals, will they need a USA Karate membership?

  • Yes, a competitor will require to be member of the USA Karate and must wear a USA Karate patch (can be order online) in order to compete a the 2020 USA National Championships & Team Trials

Where and when will be the 2020 USA National Championships & Team Trials

What are the Silverado Cup Tournament rules will be?

Will the AAU Karate Kumite equipment ok to be used at the Silverado Cup?

  • Yes, The AAU Karate Kumite equipment (headgear, protective mitts, shin and foot pads, cups for boys and mouth guards) will be good to be used at the Silverado Cup. Colors: Red, Blue or White are recommended.


  • Can I confirm my registration?

Yes.  You can confirm your registration online by going to and selecting “confirm registrations” on the main page. Enter your infomation on the requested. If you have registered online, you will receive an “order confirmation” via email in addition to being taken to a confirmation screen at the conclusion of the registration process.  If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check your spam filter.
If you completed the paper application and mailed your registration, it will take approximately 1 to 2 business days for your registration to appear online using the website.  Because of the volume of paper registrations, we cannot confirm your registration any sooner than it would appear online.


  • What if I confirm my registration and it is incorrect? 

If the registration appears to be incorrect online, simply contact us make changes to your registration. 

  • What if I make a mistake during registration, do I have to pay a change fee? 

No, simply contact us make changes to your registration.

  • What are the skill levels and how do I know which skill level I should compete in? 

The skill levels are to help keep the competition a level playing field for all competitors.  The Silverado Cup is committed to giving every athlete the opportunity for success in the ring, so some changes have been made to the skill level descriptions.   Here is a description of the skill levels:

  • Beginner – 8thkyu and under/Less than 1 year of training
  • Novice – 7thkyu-5th kyu/1-2 years of training
  • Intermediate – 4thkyu-2nd kyu/2-4 years of training
  • Advanced  - 1stkyu and higher/4 years or more of training
  • Elite – Divisions/Recommended rank of 1stDan or higher and 5+ years of training
  • All brown belts must compete in intermediate or higher divisions
  • All black belts must compete in advanced or higher divisions
  • Athletes who participate in a beginner, novice, or intermediate division must compete in that skill level for all divisions
  • An athlete who participates in an elite division may compete in an advanced division in another category (Exp:  Athletes may compete in Elite Kumite and Advanced Kata, but may not compete in Elite Kumite and Advanced Kumite)
  • Athletes who compete in Elite Kata may not compete in any other Kata division
  • Athletes who medal in any skill level must move up to the next higher skill level the following year (Exp: An athlete who medaled in a Novice category in 2018 must compete in the Intermediate or higher category in 2019)
  • The ultimate placement of athletes in the correct skill level is the responsibility of both the athlete and their coach/instructor.  We rely on the integrity of all of our participants to ensure for the safest and most fair competition.  Should an athlete be found to purposefully misrepresent their skill level for the purpose of competitive advantage, should be desquilified.
  • If I have been training for 2 years but have a brown belt, I have to compete as an intermediate? 

Yes, all brown belts must compete in intermediate or higher divisions. 

  • Can I compete in Elite and Advanced Divisions?

That depends, Elite is a separate skill level division available to Advanced competitors, therefore competitors may compete in Advanced or Elite per event category (Kata or Kumite).  For example, an athlete may compete in Elite Kata and Advanced Kumite or Elite Kumite and Advanced Kata but CANNOT compete in both Advanced Kata and Elite Kata.

  • If I register for Elite Kumite, do I have to register for Elite Kata? 

No, Kata and Kumite are separate events and you CAN register for Elite in one event and Advanced in the other.  You CANNOT compete in Advanced and Elite in the SAME event.

  • What if I just want to watch the tournament?

Yes, You are welcome to come and watch the tournament. The tickets may be purchased at the venue. The price list is below:

  • General Admission = $10
  • 5 & under = Free

How can I be a volunteer?

All volunteers are encouraged to register in advance online here and attend a volunteer course held on-site.  For specific information on volunteering contact the Silverado Cup Volunteer Coordinator on our contact us page

  • Where do I check in as a volunteer?

Volunteers will need to check-in at the Volunteer Check-in Table in the Registration area. Volunteers will pick up the volunteer T-shirt and get additional information about the tournament.

  • Is the schedule of events posted somewhere?

A schedule will be posted online prior to the tournament and at various locations onsite. The schedules are tentative and subject to change.

  • Does everyone need to be at the tournament at 9:00am? 

No, the Silverado Cup Staff is committed to providing a basic time structure for events and stage times. You can also sign up for our text messaging service.  This service will send you a text message when your child is called to Staging, sent to a ring and completed competition.  For more information about this service, sign up online during the registration process or ask in Registration onsite.

  • Are face mask required? 

No, the face mask is optional for any Elite division.

  • Are body armor required? 

No.  But, is recommended.

  • Do females have to wear the Body Protector AND Chest Protector?

No.  But, both are recommended for females.  

  • Are shin pads required? 

Yes, USA Karate approved shin pads are required.  No cloth foot/shin pads will be allowed.  All equipment will be checked at Staging prior to competition for compliance.  Competitors will not be allowed to compete without approved gear.

  • What color equipment is required? 

White, red and blue (recommended) color approved hand pads are required. White, red and blue (recommended) color approved foot pads are required. Only soft foam headgear is allowed and it must be a solid color, preferably white. 
Please note, you must wear matching hand and foot gear or red/blue hand gear with white foot and shin pads.  You may not wear red hand pads with blue foot and shin pads or vice versa. 

  • Is headgear allowed?  

Yes.  Classic headgear with no attachments, face shield or metal bars is allowed.  Headgear will be checked in Staging prior to competition for compliance.

  • Will USA Karate approved equipment be on sale at the tournament? 

Yes. Vendor booths might be onsite for equipment purchases, however it is suggested you purchase in advance to ensure you have equipment for the tournament. Check the Silverado Cup online store

  • What color uniform (gi) can I wear? 

Competitors may only wear traditional cut unmarked white karate uniforms without stripping or piping. 

  • Do I need both red and blue belts for competition?  

Yes, all competitors need red and blue belts for both Kata and Kumite.  The Red/Blue “flip” belts are not allowed for competition.
Kata Competition

  • Can I compete in both Advanced Kata and Elite Kata?


  • What division should I register for if I am an adult advanced Kata competitor, but do not want to compete in Elite Kata?

Competitors should register for Advanced 18-34 Kata.

  • Will I have to do my kata at the same time as my opponent?
    •  All Beginner and Novice Divisions will perform Kata simultaneously.
    • All Intermediate Division for UNDER 18 will perform Kata simultaneously.
    • All Advanced Division UNDER 14 will perform Kata simultaneously.
    • All Adult Intermediate Divisions will perform Kata individually.
    • All Advanced Divisions 14 and OLDER will perform Kata individually.
  • Can I repeat Kata?  

That depends.  ALL Beginner, Novice and Intermediate Divisions may repeat Kata in all rounds.  All Advanced Divisions can repeat Kata UNTIL the final round.  In the FINAL ROUND, Advanced competitors must perform a different Kata from previous rounds. 
ALL ELITE KATA DIVISIONS will follow WKF rules and must perform a different Kata each round.
Kumite Competition

  • What equipment do I need to Kumite?
  • The following protective equipment is required for all Kumite competitors:
  • Red/Blue USA-NKF/WKF Approved Gloves/Mitts
  • White/Red/Blue USA KARATE/WKF Approved Shin/Instep Protectors
  • Mouth Guard
  • Groin Protectors (All male competitors)
  • Elite competitors will need additional equipment.
  • Team Divisions
  • Do I have to have an all male or all female team for team kata? 

No, we have a few different team kata events.  Regular team kata, mixed gender team kata, and family team kata.

  • What division should I register my team for?  This year teams will be divided up into a Beg/Nov division and an Int/Adv division for each age group.  If you have a team made up of novice and intermediate athletes, they must compete in the higher division (Int/Adv).  Athletes must meet all age requirements for that division.


  • Can I coach my athlete at the ring? 

Yes, all Coaches must register at the

  • Where do I pick up my Coaches’ pass?  

Coaching passes will be available at the pre-registration desk.
Weapons (Kobudo)

  • Can I do Long Weapons and Short Weapons Divisions?  

No. These divisions are exclusive and will compete on the same day.  You must choose which category to compete in.

  • What kind of weapons can I use?  

Please go to and click on Officials and Coaches Resources at the top.  Follow the links to the current Rules Update and look for the rules pertaining to Kata and Kobudo.

  • Can I go with my child to the ring? 

No.  The competition floor is closed and only for competitors, registered coaches and officials. 

  • Can I go to the Staging Area with my child? 

A section of the Staging Area will be available for parents to visit and check on their competitors; however parents will not be allowed in the “competitor only” area of Staging.  The Staging Area can be a loud and busy place in the tournament and this rule will allow the Silverado Cup Staff to focus on the competitors to expedite the competitor to the competition floor.

  • Will food or drinks be allowed in the Staging Area? 

Yes.  Competitors will be allowed to bring bottled drinks and snacks to the Staging Area.  Common courtesy is appreciated and the Silverado Cup Staff expects all competitors to keep a clean Staging Area.

  • How will I know when it is my child’s time to compete? 

Each division is assigned a number.  The division number will be printed on your child’s competitor pass that you will pick up at Registration.  The Announcer will call the division number to Staging and that will signal your child needs to go to the Staging Area immediately and prepare for competition.  Generally, once a division has been called to the Staging Area, the division will make it to the competition floor in under 30 minutes.
You can also sign up for our text messaging service.  This service will send you a text message when your child is called to Staging, sent to a ring and completed competition.  For more information about this service, sign up online during the registration process or ask in Registration onsite.

  • When will my child compete? 

A general schedule will be posted to prior to the tournament, but no specific times can be given as to when a competitor will be on the competition floor.  The Silverado Cup Staff is committed to running an efficient, fair and fun tournament for all participants, so it is the Staffs’ intention to minimize wait times.  Generally the youngest age divisions start the day and the tournament works through ascending age divisions as the day moves on.

Advertising and Services

We expect some of the Karate Clubs in the Detroit area will be participating in this event. More than 100 athletes are expected to join and participate in this tournament event.

It is our honor to forward this proposal to you for sponsorship of this event. We are offering the following packages for your consideration:

Major Sponsor:

$ 200.00

Post (1) banner/streamer at the venue, size shall not exceed
3x6 feet. Provide your own banner;
Whole page advertisement space in the souvenir program;

Minor Sponsor:

$ 100.00

Whole page advertisement space in the souvenir program;


$ 50.00

Half (1/2) page advertisement space in the souvenir program;

Major Donor:

$ 25.00

Quarter (1/4) page acknowledgement space in the souvenir program;

Minor Donor:

$ 15.00

Business Card size space advertisement or acknowledgment in the souvenir program;

Money from this Advertisement-Souvenir Program will be used to sponsor our students who cannot afford to attend this event and to offset expenses running this tournament.

Deadline for payment and submission of ad details shall be on March 15th, 2018.

Please download the Sponsorship Letter here

Thank you very much.

Tournament Director


How to Become a Sponsored Athlete in 5 Steps

Imagine participating in as many tournaments as you'd like at no cost to you. Imagine participating in any event regardless of the fees and locations. Imagine getting free clothing, gear and shoes for all your Martial Arts activities.

Many athletes yearn for the utopia of sponsorships, yet have no real idea how to do it. Although many people assume that sponsorships can only be obtained by elite athletes, that is simply not true.

These steps can shed some light on the often-misunderstood process of sponsorships and give you a leg up on others looking for opportunities. This may be your time to become a sponsored athlete and get paid for doing what you love.

1. Understand why companies sponsor athletes.

Ultimately it's about selling products or services. Different companies use different marketing strategies. Those that sponsor athletes use sponsorship as a form of marketing to sell their goods. The athletes they choose to sponsor usually represent their target market.

In some cases, that may be elite athletes. In other cases, it may be someone that is exceptionally attractive. Or perhaps it's an outdoor company looking for the "Grizzly Adams" type or a company marketing to teens looking for an "edgy" athlete. Keep in mind that all companies are looking for someone that represents their desired image who can help them sell products.

When searching for companies to sponsor you, consider your own image. Are you an elite? Look for companies that sponsor elites. Are you a young professional? How about a mother? Look for companies that market to you or can help you get there.

2. Prepare by building an audience.

Simply appearing at a tournament isn't enough, even if you finish well. This fact seems to be lost on most. You're virtually useless if you don't have an audience beyond the dozen people that may see you at a tournament. By developing an audience, you dramatically increase the number of people that may see your company's message. A very select few can develop this audience simply by winning (think Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods) These individuals don't necessarily have to actively build an audience. The media coverage they receive serves that purpose.

For the rest of us, we need something else. A blog can be a great way to build an audience. It's very cheap and easy. It does take significant time to write enough to develop a following, but it is one of the easiest ways to do so. I also recommend social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Having thousands of followers and/or friends is a ready-made audience.

There are other ways to build an audience. If you have your own business, your customers are an audience of sorts. If you have a talent like art, design or music, you can parlay that into an audience. In sum, you need people to pay attention to you.

3. Figure out what kind of sponsorship you want.

They range from getting a discount on products to getting free products, tournament entries, travel expenses, all the way to getting paid. Generally speaking, the more attention you can get, the more you can ask for. There are no set formulas as every company does their own cost/benefit analysis to determine your worth. Still, it's useful to have a goal in mind when you contact potential sponsors.

4. Figure out who to contact.

Think about your audience. What products or services would they use? Knowing the demographics of your audience helps.

When researching potential sponsors, don't dismiss small local companies. They are more likely to know you personally and it's relatively easy to develop a local audience. Once you find a few companies that appear to be good fits, figure out who to contact within the company.

Most large companies handle sponsorship through their marketing departments or PR firms. It's usually futile to contact their general information or sales people; they are likely to ignore you.

To find the correct people, the best place to start is to ask someone who is already sponsored by that company. Be aware—most sponsored athletes do not give out that information since their contacts typically get many such requests. Respect their decision. You may have to do your own digging. For small local companies, it may be appropriate to contact the owners.

5. Make contact.

Once you have an audience, a goal, and a company and their contact, you can begin formulating the actual proposal. Keep it very short and to the point. Tell them who you are, the size and demographics of your audience, and what you are seeking. Shoot for between 50 and 100 words. The people you're contacting don't want a biography; they want to know what you can do for them and how much it is going to cost. Be courteous and humble. Arrogance is almost always a recipe for failure.

If you're contacting a relatively large company, it's likely they receive tens if not hundreds of requests like this per week. In most cases, the companies have identified and already reached out to the people they want to represent them. You're fighting for a tiny fraction of the remaining marketing budget pie.

Fortunately for you, 99 percent of the people that solicit companies for sponsorship really don't understand what sponsorship is entails. Following these steps can give you a huge advantage over your competition and help you begin your journey to becoming a sponsored athlete.

Download the Silverado Cup Athlete Sponsorship Letter for the USA Karate Nationals


Sign up for your next tournament.

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